Get Your Fleet Talking

Two-way Fleet Interactivity

Comes Standard

Set new benchmarks of productivity, uptime and profitability with ClearSky Smart Fleet™, the industry's first true, two-way fleet management and communication platform that evolves connectivity into interactivity.

Soon to be standard on most JLG equipment, a single, connectivity beacon combines analyzers, telematics, productivity applications — as many as 25 distinct features — to deliver seamless back-and-forth interaction through our comprehensive ClearSky mobile app or web portal.

Comprehensive Mobile App

Improve cost-effective decision-making through a single, accessible mobile app that dynamically offers capabilities based on the user's connectivity range, and seamlessly syncs with the ClearSky Smart Fleet web portal in real time.

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User-friendly Web Portal

Monitor a robust network of data-driven insights about all your assets through an intuitive, customizable portal that works in tandem with our mobile app and your in-house telematics solution to deliver more data about JLG-connected products than any other provider. Period.

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