Smart Capabilities

A new frontier in connectivity solutions for the industry

More than yet another singular piece of software, ClearSky Smart Fleet™ is a robust, constantly evolving platform capable of delivering new functionalities, new insights, and new ways to run efficient, more cost-effective operations.

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Comprehensive Mobile App

Developed from the ground up to deliver an authentic, easy-to-use mobile experience, the ClearSky Smart Fleet mobile app keeps productivity at thumb's reach, even when cellular data and Wi-Fi are not available.*

* Select features require cellular connectivity


Find My Machine

Find My Machine

Using geolocation, the Find My Machine feature allows you to activate a machine's beacon for visual and audible cues providing effortless equipment identification in seconds.

Targeted Digital Information

Access JLG information and content to help solve service issues without moving a step.

Digital Analyzer

Digital Analyzer

Perform wireless diagnostics with the built-in analyzer functionality saving time and money by replacing the need for a separate JLG handheld analyzer.

Digital Analyzer Reader

Generate an easy-reference, one-page summary of a machine's set-up, personalities, diagnostics and fault log data that can also be easily downloaded and shared.

Machine Status Indication

Machine Status Indication

The color of the beacon delivers at-a-glance identification a machine's status such as active DTCs, battery or fuel level, ignition, and more.

Digital Access Control

Digitally manage machine restrictions (unrestricted, lockout, creep, creep plus restricted to transport) through the app or web portal to prevent unauthorized use of equipment.

User-friendly Web Portal

The ClearSky Smart Fleet web portal delivers clear, intuitive navigation alongside powerful features for immediate visibility to your fleet's health and performance data.


Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard

View the entire fleet or drill down to an individual model with powerful filters and easy-to-use customization including drag-and-drop window widgets that allow any role to prioritize the actionable insights they need to maximize productivity and ROI.

Quick Data Filters

Powerful filters allow users to get immediate visibility to your entire fleet's health and performance data and persist across the portal no matter where the user navigates.

Automatic Site Networks

Automatic Site Networks

Site Networks are like automated geofences, only better. When two or more machines are within range of a local connection, they'll automatically form a Site Network, helping you track and report equipment without lifting a finger.

Serial Number Specific Data

Access serial number specific data such as interactive schematics, knowledge articles, manuals and parts information in seconds.

One Login

ClearSky Smart Fleet is now part of JLG's Online Express service, so you can manage your fleet, troubleshoot, order parts — access everything you need to keep your fleet in top shape — with your Online Express login.


Easily share information by generating reports in PDF or spreadsheet formats.

Enhanced API Data Feed

Integrating ClearSky Smart Fleet's API data feed into your current, in-house telematics solution makes managing your mixed fleet more actionable than ever.

Our multi-layered feed provides more than 35 unique data points to produce a more vivid picture of your equipment's activity and status, while allowing you to access machine hours down to fractional level.

And how you choose to view this JLG-rich data is up to you. Effortlessly integrate the data into your ERP, view it in a custom-made portal, review it in raw format — the choice is yours. It can also be shared with any software provider to enable you to have centralized data viewing wherever you need to drive decision making, maximize organizational efficiency and improve ROI.

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